In October 1963, a man identifying himself as O.H. Lee rented a room in this house for $8 a week.

After Oswald was arrested for the assassination of President Kennedy and the murder of Dallas Police officer J.D. Tippit, police turned the house upside down.

Oswald had returned briefly to his room there following the assassination, apparently to retrieve a pistol, which he used to shoot Tippit.

Gladys Johnson, who had purchased the house 20 years previously, was humiliated that the assassin had lived there. The house was the target of unwanted attention from reporters and the curious public immediately following the assassination and for decades after.

Johnson’s granddaughter Pat Hall now owns the house. She tried to sell it around the time of the assassination’s 50th anniversary. But now she runs it as the Rooming House Museum, offering tours of the house, virtually unchanged since 1963, for $20.

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