Image courtesy of Ray-Mel Cornelius and Ro2 Art

Oak Cliff-based artist Ray-Mel Cornelius opened a show called “Every Day” at Ro2 Art last week.

The show includes portraits of Oak Cliff landmarks you’ll recognize, including “Sister Hope,” the two-story prairie-style house in South Winnetka that’s been the home to a “reader advisor” for decades.

Cornelius, who was featured in the November 2015 Advocate, also is an illustrator and is best known for his landscape paintings.

From Ro2:

…the artist turns his attention away from the rural and wilderness milieu of his prior work towards the urban environment that he encounters on a daily basis.  In redirecting his focus, the artist fully explores the diverse Oak Cliff neighborhood that has been his home for 26 years, representing its heritage, diversity and charm with a meticulously considered use of color, form, texture and scale.

The show is up at Ro2, which is open noon-5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, until June 24.

Image courtesy of Ray-Mel Cornelius and Ro2 Art

Image courtesy of Ray-Mel Cornelius and Ro2 Art