The owners of Bolsa Mercado decided not to renew their lease on West Davis, and the storefront will close at the end of August.

Co-owner Christopher Zielke says they plan to move Bolsa Mercado into a catering only business.

“The biggest part of our sales, overwhelmingly, is catering,” he says. “The front of the house never really paid for itself without that.”

They plan to move into a more affordable catering kitchen, and all of the font-of-the-house workers are expected to be offered jobs in one of the restaurant group’s other concerns: Bolsa, Smoke, Chicken Scratch, The Founrdry, The Theodore and a new restaurant at the Statler Hilton Downtown.

Bolsa restaurant recently renewed its five-year lease on West Davis at Llewellyn.

Zielke says he had wanted to announce the change in a week or so, but word that the building is for lease got out on social media today.

Bolsa Mercado opened in 2010, two doors down from Bolsa. The 4,000-square-foot building is for lease at $32 per square foot, which puts it at about $10,666 a month, plus taxes, insurance and maintenance.