The three young men who held up four convenience stores, including two in Oak Cliff, carjacked a Wilmer couple prior to their robbery spree.

Elizabeth Jenkins and her boyfriend pulled up to a gas pump at an Exxon in Wilmer Saturday night when the three men approached them.

“We were talking for maybe a minute and all of a sudden we were surrounded by three guys. They came up from behind our car,” Jenkins told KDFW. “They pointed the gun at his head and said,  ‘If you don’t get out, you are going to die today,’ and they started counting, like 3,2,1, and at two he got out.”

After that the robbers used the couple’s 2014 silver Volkswagen Jetta to commit a string of four robberies, beginning with the 7-Eleven on Hampton at Jefferson, where a shot was fired. They also held up the Exxon on Hampton near Illinois and fired shots there before moving on to rob two other convenience stores in Southeast Dallas.