Simply Austin, the furniture store on Bishop Avenue and Eighth Street that opened in 2012, closed recently.

That mod mural is gone, too, painted over in charcoal grey.

Up next is a concept from a few locals, including Julie McCullough, a fashion designer who heads up Folksie and The Pin Show. McCullough’s craft and sewing school, Make, closed in the Bishop Arts District in 2012. She later had Make and Made on Zang at Seventh, and she ran the Urban Street Bazaar craft fair until around 2014.

The new shop, from McCullough, Mike Arreaga and Marisa Dukowitz, is called Harkensback.

McCullough is tight-lipped about the project saying, “It’s different from anything we’ve ever done.”

But we’ll see it very soon. An opening party is Friday, Nov. 17, from 7-10 p.m.