Dallas’ 311 app now offers bike share category

No one can accuse the City of Dallas of not keeping up with the times, as its 311 app now has a way to report bike-share clutter. The app allows neighbors to easily communicate with the city about nuisances in the neighborhood.

The new technology makes it pretty clear how the city views errant rental bikes. When you download the app and make a new report, “Bike Share” is an option under “Streets and Signs,” next to options such as “Illegal Sign” and “Street Obstruction.”

When you choose the “Bike Share” option, the app lets you add a photo and describe what is happening. You can also list the vendor (LimeBike, Spin and Vbikes are the only options right now), choose a concern (obstruction or vendor complaint) and even share the report on social media.

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  1. lxacev75 January 18, 2018 at 1:04 PM

    Only a money-motivated solution will resolve the problem with rental bikes strewn all over town.

    Suggestion: Bike rental companies should be required to provide Smart Bike Stands (SBS) with MORE THAN ENOUGH SLOTS for the total number of bikes in circulation. Bike rental systems must be changed requiring a deposit (of say $100) to the user’s credit card. Once the bike is returned to a SBS; then the credit card deposit is released to the user.

    This should motivate users to return bikes to Smart Bike Stands (to keep them secure and upright). The locations of SBSs must be shown in mapping applications so customers can plan trips and get their deposit released once the bike is properly secured.

    My suggestion will keep most bikes from being discarded throughout our city. Any user who does not return a bike to a company SBS loses their deposit. Forfeited deposits should be used by rental companies to fund the purchase and installation of SBSs, and paying a recovery service to pick up abandoned bikes. Win/win.

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