The pedestrian passageway built 90 years ago to connect Kessler Parkway to the higher elevation Canterbury Court quietly reopened about a week ago.

The city of Dallas renovated the Kessler steps last year with $71,000 that Kessler Park residents raised for the project.

The city spent $298,962 to restore the steps and make water utility improvements.

The steps became a point of contention in the neighborhood a few years ago after an adjacent resident put up “no trespassing” signs in an effort to keep out neighbors who had discovered the old pathway and started using it as a walking route to the Kessler School.

Homeowners fought the renovation, going so far as to file a lawsuit against the city. That case was settled, and construction started last year.

Kessler Neighbors United is continuing to sell customized bricks that can be set in the park’s entryway on Edgefield. The proceeds will go toward park maintenance.