We picked up someone’s old scrapbook at an estate sale awhile back, and it contained some treasures from the bygone Oak Cliff Tribune weekly newspaper.

The book’s owner clipped this pic of Oak Cliff’s own Yvonne Craig, TV’s Bat Girl, on her wedding day. Craig married Jimmy Boyd, who was most famous for his recording of “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.” They wed on July 30, 1960 at Christ Episcopal Church, which is still operating at Tenth and Llewellyn.

That union only lasted about two years, but didn’t they look happy at the time?

The scrapbook contains a few other treasures.

Here are the Sarah Zumwalt Lionettes, who notably attended a drill-team camp at SMU.

Does anyone have one of these Oak Farms Milk clocks lying around? According to the clip below, there were 50 of them installed in grocery stores around the city in 1936. The photo in the clip below was taken in 1961, and Jess Epps, in the bowtie and light suit, was still working at H. Boedecker grocery store when D Magazine did a story about it in 1984. He died in 1994.

The clip on the left is about Charles Halbrook of Denley Drive winning a 1960 Comet station wagon in a KBOX radio contest.

May of the clips in the book are about marriages, engagements and pageants.

There are also several related to “princess phones.”

Who else wanted one?