A recent survey of available rentals in Oak Cliff found that there are still some decent one-bedroom apartments for close to the $810 median price.

But that made us think, hmm. How much are the most expensive apartments in our neighborhood?

We snooped around local apartment listings and found that rent for most of the new luxury apartments in our neighborhood hover around $2 per square foot.

Here are the most expensive ones we found in 75208:

Broadstone LTD at 305 W. Commerce in West Dallas has the most expensive one-bedroom apartment we found currently on the market. They have a totally sick pool (see below) and super fancy units. But access will cost you. Available one-bedrooms start at $1,250. They currently have a 637-square-foot one-bedroom for $1,450, which is $2.27 per square foot.

Broadstone LTD

Oh, snap! Another badass pool. This one, also in West Dallas, is at the Austin at Trinity Green, the massive four-story apartment complex on Singleton Boulevard. The cheapest one-bedroom currently available there costs $1,446 a month. The priciest ones comprise 756 square feet and cost $1,585 a month — $2.09 per square foot — and have views of downtown and the pool.

Austin at Trinity Green

OK, maybe this is really just apartment pool porn. The Oaks Trinity is in a much sweeter location, in my opinion, than the ones above. It’s in Oak Cliff off Greenbriar Lane between Methodist hospital and the Houston Street Viaduct. It’s also a bargain compared to the others.

They currently have a 770-square-foot one-bedroom for $1,500 a month ($1.94 per square foot) and a 504-square-foot studio apartment for $947 ($1.87 a foot).

The Oaks Trinity

Victor Prosper is the apartment complex on Zang at Davis that Alamo Manhattan built.

They don’t put their prices online, but Zumper shows their most expensive one-bedroom costs $1,775 for 893 square feet or $1.99 per foot.

My favorite thing about Victor Prosper is that they don’t use the words “bedroom” or “bathroom.” Those rooms are called “dream” and “refresh,” you peasant.

Victor Prosper

The pool is just OK, but they did manage to squeeze one in.