A small developer received approval to construct a three-story apartment building on Marsalis Avenue this week.

The building will go up on an empty lot at 619 N. Marsalis, which is in the Lake Cliff Historic District.

Oak Cliff resident Devyn Mountain and his wife, Melissa, are planning to live in the seven-unit apartment building.

The city’s Landmark Commission approved the design even though it doesn’t exactly fit the historic criteria of the district. It will be constructed of wood instead of brick, for example.

But neighbors in the historic district overwhelmingly supported the project, arguing that although Marsalis was once a grand avenue of fine homes, its current building stock is a mix of apartments and single-family homes of varying ages.

The zoning allows for as many as five stories, but it will have only three stories in the front and two in the rear, where it abuts single-family homes on Blaylock Drive. The owners are planning for 10 parking spaces in the rear and an office with an onsite manager.