His paintings of the American Civil Right Movement endure as an expression of that time, and there’s so much more to Arthello Beck.

The artist and gallery owner from Dallas traveled to West Africa, Brazil, Central America and the Caribbean. And he helped launch the careers of numerous African American artists from his studio on South Beckley.

Beck graduated from Lincoln High School, where he received his only formal art training. The athlete Grant Hill loaned one of Beck’s paintings to the Dallas Museum of Art for an exhibition that went up just a month after Beck’s death at age 63 in 2004. A monument for the artist is planned at Twin Falls Park.

Here’s a chance to become familiar with Beck and his work: The Oak Cliff Society of Fine Arts offers “Arthello Beck: An Artistic Journey” as part of its fall salon series at Turner House from 7:30-9 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 8.

Tickets cost $15 for members and $20 otherwise.