Santos garage, the former Texaco station on East Jefferson where Lee Harvey Oswald dropped his black jacket, according to the Warren Commission Report. Photo by David Leeson

The 55th anniversary of the JFK assassination passed quietly on Thanksgiving this year.

The Texas Theatre had some special events as usual, and most major news organizations mentioned it, including this Washington Post piece about visitors who make the pilgrimage to the former president’s grave every year.

Politico ran this slideshow of the day of the assassination.

Esquire has this essay from a fiction writer who uncovered surprises about the JFK assassination case, including FBI and CIA stonewalling, KGB involvement, Kennedy’s lecherous behavior and Dallas 1963.

WBAP has this piece commemorating J.D. Tippit, the Dallas Police officer who was shot to death at Tenth and Patton following the assassination.

And the Dallas Morning News says we are “weirdly obsessed” with the places where Lee Harvey Oswald lived, which are all in this cute little gentrifying neighborhood.