It’s 14 feet around and made of digitally cut plywood.

The Better Block is spinning it as “Oak Cliff’s largest snow globe” to hype its holiday block party this month — more on that below. If there is a bigger snow globe in Oak Cliff, please — please! — let us know. (By the way, the Advocate wants to see all of your fabulous Christmas decorations this year.)

The geodesic dome was constructed from two repeated wood cuts made on a CNC router and put together like a puzzle. Better Block, the city planning nonprofit on West Davis, brought it to Fair Park’s Earth Day celebration. They used it as the “Death Star” in their May 4 Star Wars-themed design competition. They’ve used it as a stage for speakers and musicians. And now, it is Oak Cliff’s largest snow globe, probably.

The dome helps promote Better Block’s 2-year-old Wikiblock toolkit, which contains free patterns for street furniture — benches, bus stops, cafe seating and the like — that anyone can make on a CNC router and put together to improve their own community.

And behold, the globe, in progress, awaiting paint:

The Better Block’s holiday party is Friday, Dec. 14 and will feature a bike ride, a beer-garden style vibe and obviously, photo opportunities. More details as we have them.