There are cheaper places, but this was a dang good lunch.

I ordered the most expensive thing on the menu at Shayna’s Place: their award-winning Vinny’s Kitchen, which costs $11 and comes with prosciutto, salami, capicola and provolone with veggies and peppers on a ciabatta roll.

With $1.75 Zapp’s chips, a $3.25 iced tea and a $1 tip for counter service, the total was about $17. [Side note: Why do I always tip 20 percent for full service no matter how bad it is? Why do I always tip $1 for counter service? Is this appropriate? I may be broke, but I don’t want to seem cheap, aka how broke people stay broke. But that’s another story.]

The service at Shayna’s, a Rhode Island import that took up shop at Sylvan Thirty recently, is excellent. The shop is clean and bright. They have two kinds of lemonade. The sandwich was great. If The Bachelor made me this sandwich, I swear, would accept this rose. It’s a quality sandwich. Will order water next time and save $3.25, but what is a sandwich without chips. Gotta have the Zapp’s.

The restaurant also serves breakfast sandwiches for about $4-$8, soups for $6 and salads for $10-$11. A half sandwich and cup of soup costs $10.