In the U.S., 6.5 million people are in the correctional system, and 2.1 million of them are incarcerated. As of 2018, 726,000 Texas residents are behind bars or under criminal justice supervision.

Bishop Arts Theater Center explores that with “Incarceration, Execution and the Human Face of the Criminal Justice System,” which tells true stories of victims and perpetrators of the justice system.

The speaker series event will include best-selling author of “Mourner’s Bench,” Sanderia Faye. Along with Faye, the speakers are Jim Buffington of Bridges to Life, a volunteer-led restorative justice program conducted in prisons and alternative facilities, as well as Jay Gumm of Forgiven Felons and Richard Miles of Miles of Freedom.

The conversation will take the audience behind bars into the criminal justice system. Readings from Faye’s new book, “Eleven,” will frame the dialogue and tell the story of a family’s struggle with the announcement of eight executions scheduled to happen in the eleven days following Easter.

The event will be Saturday, Aug. 3 at 3 p.m. at 215 S. Tyler St., tickets are available online.