A quirky part of Oak Cliff traffic is leaving us.

The Zang Boulevard exit from northbound Interstate 35 will close permanently at 9 a.m. Friday, Sept. 13.

Known as the “Zang curve,”  the exit always seems to sneak up on you. I think I miss it about 40% of the time. The exit sweeps across Interstate 35 and allows drivers to take a turn-only right lane towards Twelfth Street and Jefferson Boulevard. Otherwise, you can turn left from the stop sign onto Zang or cross Zang to West Page Avenue, near the QuikTrip.

This is part of the Southern Gateway Project, which is widening the interstate and rebuilding overpasses. That Zang exit is not coming back. Plans call for that area to become part of the Interstate 35 deck park.

From now on, you’ll exit Beckley Avenue, where there’s a new overpass and turn left onto 12 Street to get onto Zang.