Oscar Mendoza, photo via Facebook

Oak Cliff native Oscar Mendoza appears in season two of “Haunted” on Netflix.

Mendoza tells the story of how he was haunted by a demon starting in childhood. The episode is called “Born Cursed.”

But that’s only part of the story. Mendoza says he’s encountered spirits of the dead his whole life.

Some of the stories are in his 2016 book, The Book of the Dead. The story he tells in “Haunted” is also in the book, and here’s how it’s described:

The year was 1980, and he was only 4 years old. He had been warned by his parents to never go down a certain alley in their town, but Mendoza decided to ignore their warning. When he walked down the street, he saw a crooked man slithering out from under an abandoned house. Mendoza escaped from the haunting’s malevolent grasp but came away from the experience respecting the intense power of spirits.

That “certain alley in their town,” is in the Bishop Arts District, Mendoza says, although the Netflix show makes it look like he grew up in war-torn Kabul.

“That’s just one story,” Mendoza says. “I see dead people, and that’s not even the scariest one.”

Mendoza also offers ghost tours of Dallas. The bus tours, which run Thursday-Sunday, cost $45 per person, but use the code GrouponAdult for a $15 discount.