The City of Dallas still doesn’t recycle yard waste, but the Dallas Zoo does.

If you have freshly cut tree trimmings or shrubs you’ve taken out, the zoo might pick them up.

Many of the zoo animals eat “browse,” which is tender leaves and shoots, throughout the day, and it’s harder to find in the winter.

Register for the “browse” program at


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HELP US FEED OUR BROWSERS: Many of our animals, including our elephants and giraffes eat browse (tender shoots, twigs, and green leaves of trees and shrubs) throughout the day as a crucial part of their diet. Our amazing zoologists and horticulture staffers go our into the community to find as much fresh browse as they can. This is harder during the winter months, so we need your help! Let us know if you have any freshly cut tree trimmings or felled landscaping, and we might be able to come pick it up! (The animals still enjoy tree limbs and bark once the leaves have fallen off, but branches must be freshly cut.) Head to for more info, and please fill out the form on that page if you have some tree trimmings that you could donate to our animals. We’ll put the link in our bio and our story!

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