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He’s “your good Judy from another booty,” and he’s “sweating like a ho in church” on the new Netflix reality series, “The Circle.”

Chris Sapphire, who is from Oak Cliff, stars in this popularity contest of a TV show.

As one friend put it, “It’s like if Facebook and Survivor had a bougie baby.”

Contestants on “The Circle” live in the same building but never meet in real life. They get to know each other through a social media network that’s also called “The Circle.” Then they’re picked off one-by-one based on their network popularity.


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BREAKING NEWS! More sneak peeks for your spirit, honey! #TheCircle #thecircleusa #netflix #gay #realityTV #latinExcellence

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It’s one of the most hate-watchable shows of the season.

Sapphire was a pop culture correspondent on the bygone CW show “Eye Opener,” and he had his own show on YouTube, “The Chris Sapphire Show.” He’s also on “The Gag” podcast.