Image via PBH NewsHour

Newsman Jim Lehrer died Thursday at his home in Washington, D.C.

The host of “PBS NewsHour” for 35 years, Lehrer launched his TV career at KERA in Dallas, where he created a show called “Newsroom.”

The show launched in 1970, and Lehrer was executive director, producer and host.

Lehrer would debrief reporters about the news of the day, such as what happened at City Hall. The show innovated by asking for “feedback” from the audience with a number to call, where presumably, someone answered the phone and spoke to you. Imagine that!

KERA posted this clip from “Newsroom,” wherein Lehrer introduces the show, which was about desegregation of schools in Oak Cliff and parents’ frustration with court-ordered busing.

Lehrer also announces: “We’re also going to take a quick look at hamburgers as well as some other things tonight.”

We’re so sorry the whole show isn’t on YouTube, but the clip is worth a watch.

Lehrer, whose New York Times obit makes him sound like a born journalist, worked at the Dallas Morning News and the Dallas Times Herald, where he covered the JFK assassination.

Here he is talking about that in 2013.