QuikTrip sure knows how to pick a nice piece of real estate.

The Tulsa-based convenience store chain is building a new QT atop a hill at the southeast corner of Westmoreland at Interstate 30.

It’s adjacent to a Parkland Hospital clinic and across Westmoreland from the Olive Garden that opened in 2018. Less than a mile down the road, on Westmoreland at Singleton, a 7-Eleven store opened a few weeks ago on a corner that was once a chemically contaminated Superfund site.

The new QT is expected to open as soon as October.

The first QT store in our neighborhood opened on Zang at 12th Street in 2014.

The company also had plans for a store on Cockrell Hill at Illinois, on land they rezoned in 2015; QT expects to open that store in 2021.