You can’t go to the movies, but you can mix yourself a cocktail and pretend to be at the Texas Theatre.

The independent theater on Jefferson Boulevard is streaming all of its content online, and tickets cost $10. Like, if there are four people in your household, that’s only $2.50 per person!

And they even provide snacks.

The theater offers two “survival packs” that come with popcorn kernels, candy, a T-shirt and a sticker, for $58 and $38, but you can also order candy, beer, wine and Topo Chico from their website for pickup. They also ship.

It may be awhile before most people feel comfortable going to a theater, which is a woeful prospect for independent theaters.

No Hollywood films are being released until June at the earliest. Dallas-based AT&T, which merged with HBO and Warner Bros. owner Warner Media last year, hinted that it will continue releasing first-run movies on channels like HBO.

Major theater chains are wary of reopening too soon for fear of becoming a hot spot for the virus.

In Tulsa, where 27 people have died from COVID-19 and the number of cases continues to spike, a movie theater is planning to reopen May 1.

But Spike Lee says “Hell To Da Na,” and we know who we’re listening to.

Make your at-home Texas Theatre watching even more authentic with this cocktail recipe from bartender Tati.