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Which local restaurants will reopen Friday?

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s modified stay-at-home orders allow restaurants to reopen at 25% seating capacity. Abbott says it’s up to individual businesses to decide whether they want to open, with cases of COVID-19 still on the rise.

Many local restaurants say they’re sticking with takeout and delivery only because of safety concerns or because their restaurants are too small to make 25% of their seating capacity pay off.

“I have a hard time understanding how a neighborhood bistro can operate at 25% capacity,” Boulevardier co-owner Brooks Anderson told Eater. “Restaurants have a hard enough time operating at 100% capacity, hence the high-profile closings you see every single year.”

Restaurants at Sylvan Thirty, including Cibo Divino and Whisk announced they will not reopen their dining rooms this week.

But all of the restaurants at Trinity Groves will be open Friday, Eater reports. Gloria’s Latin Cuisine opened its location in Colleyville after that city allowed it last week, and people waited an hour to get in.