Luis Dominguez worked in several Dallas-are kitchens in his 21-year hospitality career | Via Facebook

Chef Luis Dominguez died following complications due to COVID-19. Dominguez worked as a chef at Smoke, HG Sply Co. and Tillman’s Bishop Arts. He died on July 22, after having spent 18 days in the hospital. According to The Dallas Morning News, he had spent his last five days on a ventilator.

Dominguez, who was 38 when he died, had spent over 20 years working in Dallas’ restaurant industry. He was known for having a good sense of humor and a positive demeanor. Many of his colleagues lauded him for his hard work, as he was working to support his family in Mexico. 

“He was an awesome person,” says Justin Samsill, who worked with Dominguez at Smoke. “He had a smile that was contagious and believed in family and friends. People like that aren’t made anymore and [he] will be deeply missed. My heart goes out to all [of] his family.”

In addition to working at several Dallas restaurants, he raised chickens and grew fruit trees in his backyard. It reminded him of the Mexican countryside, in which he grew up. 

Most recently, Dominguez held the role of executive sous chef at HG Sply Co. in Dallas. Prior to this, he had worked as the chef de cuisine at Smoke, until it closed in 2018.

“Luis was one of the hardest working and happiest chefs I had the pleasure of working with,” says Chef Matt Balke, who worked with Dominguez at Smoke. “His smile would electrify a room and his willingness to help never stopped. He will be dearly missed in the culinary world.”

Dominguez is survived by his wife, Consuelo, his parents, Jesus Dominguez Mata and Josefa Garrido Andrade; and siblings Jesus Dominguez and Jessica Dominguez.