Don’t think of clean eating as just a trendy diet. The places you eat should prepare your food correctly on clean surfaces — even more so during the coronavirus pandemic. We analyzed restaurant inspection scores from ZIP codes 75233, 75224, 75208, 75211, 75203 and 75216 to see how many restaurants didn’t make the grade. To see specific grades at your favorite restaurants, check out the Food Inspection Scores database on the City of Dallas website.


100:  Perfect scores.

100–80:  Total passed inspections.
Perfect Scores: 23
Total Passed: 493

79–70:  Required follow-up inspection within 30 days.
30 Day Follow‑Up Inspections: 16

69–60:  Required follow-up inspection within 10 days.
10 Day Follow‑Up Inspections: 3

Food inspection scores for some of Oak Cliff’s Favorite restaurants:

100 Zen Sushi Bar

100 Manhattan Project Beer Company

95 Hunky’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers

90 Cactus Mexican Cuisine

87 Monterrey Bakery

87 Potpourri of Silk

80 PHD

80 Beckley Donuts

70 Taqueria Vasquez
Follow-up: 80

69 Cesar’s Tacos
Follow-up: 89

67 Dallas Star Food Mart
Follow-up: 96

64 Refresqueria San Luis No. 2
Follow-up: 89