The City of Dallas says the half-mile of trail between Rugged and South Polk is still under construction, but the curbs and concrete are there, and neighbors have been recreating on it.

This expansion of the Elmwood Parkway trail makes it possible to ride a bike from Tyler Station to Kiest Park entirely via trails and bike lanes.

The trail connects to the Kiest Park Loop Trail, which ends at Rugged and Pentagon Parkway. From there, pedestrians and cyclists could take Five Mile Parkway, then a zig-zag of residential streets and cross Hampton to the Kiestwood Trail, although there is no bike lane.

The trail extension spans a little over half a mile and cost just under $1 million.

“Expansion of our trail system in D1 and throughout the city is critically important,” Mayor Pro Tem Chad West says. “It connects neighborhoods, provides alternative options for getting around the city and exercising, and is a step in the right direction for healthy living.”

Keep in mind that this is still an active construction site until the official opening in May.

The Elmwood neighborhood also has a striking new mural from Wheron, the artist Will Heron, at 2015 Edgefield. It’s on the side of a building that Peaberry Coffee is taking for office and storage space.