Goin’ Junkin’

Dropping by a friend’s house, you spot the most fabulous new piece of furniture. When asked where it was purchased,…

Only In OC

The life-size plywood cows that adorn Lynne Merlino’s East Kessler front lawn are nothing special, she says — “it’s the…

DELICIOUS: Aunt Stelle’s

At Oak Cliff’s 48-year-old sno cone stand, Aunt Stelle’s, the ice is ultra fine, and covered with lots of flavorful syrup. But Aunt Stelle’s is more than just shaved ice and sugar. It’s a place people come home to, and they come from everywhere.


When I was called for jury duty last year, the judge asked who had an obligation that might prevent them from serving.

True Crime #5

The front, back and bedroom doors were wide open. The Fannings had been away from their Kessler Park home only…

Ask A Cop

We’ve had a lot of discussion on our blog lately about the perception of crime in Oak Cliff. Our neighborhood doesn’t have the city’s highest crime rate, but there seems to be a stigma. Why do you think that is?


Volunteer opportunity listings from our neighborhood.                      

Opening Remarks

I was talking with my father the other day, and — as we often conclude after a few minutes of…