On mistaking Victoria’s habanero salsa for queso

Hey, friend. That’s not cheese.

Victoria’s, the new Tex-Mex place on West Davis at Willomet, opened in March, but we just tried it for the first time last week for happy hour (it’s from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. every day) with Winnetka Heights buddies.

Soon after I sat down, I reached to dip a chip in the queso.

“Whoa there,” buddy No. 1 says.

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“You might wanna scrape some of that off your chip,” says the other.

It’s not queso, you guys, it’s habanero salsa, and it’s infernal, especially if you are expecting a mouthful of cheese.

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Thankfully, my pals spared me from the sweat and tears a mouthful of this stuff would’ve stirred. But I know there are scallywags out there who would be tempted to pull a prank. That’s why I feel compelled to make a public service announcement about this potential menace. You’re welcome.photo

By the way, the habanero salsa is delicious in moderation. There is also red salsa that’s pretty good. The 10-ounce house margaritas are $3.50 at happy hour. I recommend it for anyone who’s still searching for their new old Gloria’s.

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  • Ha!

  • jastolly

    On our first visit, we asked for “something a little hotter” than the tame salsa. They brought us the habanero sauce. After the top of my head blew off, I began sweating like some sort of disgusting farm animal, used up several napkins soaking up the perspiration, and thought I saw a diety. Heed Rachael’s warning.

  • elbueno

    A new old Glorias? I’m in!

  • Miss Gac

    Well, I guess I have to go try it. Can’t wait!