New signs warn cyclists of streetcar tracks


Hardly a week goes by that we don’t hear of another cyclist accidentally slipping a wheel into the new streetcar tracks, sometimes resulting in broken bones and other serious injuries.

Considering where the streetcar tracks are in relation to bike traffic, it is no wonder that even experienced cyclists have crashed here. This left-hand lane on Colorado is in the path to the Jefferson Viaduct cycle track. So pedal traffic coming from the Bishop Avenue bike lane to Downtown must make a perilous left turn from Colorado onto Zang.

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Experienced cyclists recommend riding single file to the right of the tracks — riding between the rails is a bad idea — and then making a sharp left across the tracks.

“Riders in this area will need to pay particular attention as they negotiate that left turn” says Ashley Haire, the city’s bike coordinator.

Street signs warning cyclists went up last week.

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  • guest

    We motorcyclists just accelerate and endure the bumps. The car drivers often take us down, but there is a real danger from the bicyclists, too. They often won’t share the road with us.

  • Randall White

    Unfortunately, there is no sign that will get car drivers to share the
    turn lane and stop forcing bicyclists into these tracks at something
    other than 90 degrees.