West Davis mural a PSA for spay/neuter


“Balls are for fetch,” a planned West Davis mural will read. “Spay and neuter your pets.”

Artist Joachim West and his girlfriend, Teresa Megahan, came up with the design after their landlord, Mike Clifton, approached them about creating a mural on their building at 520 W. Davis.

Megahan says they decided to make the mural a public service announcement because they see stray dogs in their neighborhood every day.

They are asking friends, including Brian Scott and Cohn Drennan, to help them paint. And they are asking the public to help them pay for supplies, including paint, via Go Oak Cliff.

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  • jmcsweeney

    The mural needs to be in spanish if it hopes to have any effect on the stray dog population in Oak Cliff.

  • grannygeek

    Thomas Hart Benton. Yes. Diego Rivera? Yes. But please spare us from trite stuff that looks like a poster from the 60s. We deserve better.

  • Andrew Hudson

    I respectfully disagree. One person’s “clutter” is another person’s expression! Murals have been with us since we lived in caves. Murals will never be over. Any idea that they are is simply myopic and shortsighted. This area needs murals. We are being consumed by gentrification and urban architectural sanitization! As an artist, I may not agree with the aesthetic, but I am glad to see my area of town encouraging expression… after all, isn’t that the driving force behind all art?

  • Annette Nettles DeBose

    Would you rather it be an ever-changing advertisement for I-phone such as what they have done with the whale mural downtown? Murals fit into the time period reflected by Oak Cliff and Bishop Arts. Murals are art – which is what the area is all about.

  • grannygeek

    While I’m totally supportive of the message, Oak Cliff doesn’t need the clutter of murals. Murals. Are. Over.