Fall is my favorite time of year. Even if the leaves haven’t started changing yet, in my mind’s eye, I still see great bursts of color in the trees: amber, rust, gold. Everyone else has rose-colored glasses, but I guess mine are autumn-tinted.

And so I am thrilled to present our Arts in the Cliff issue, filled with as much bright talent as any beautiful fall show of leaves. We here at CliffDweller hope you find some inspiration as well as pride in the next pages, as you meet some of the artists who enrich our lives in the Cliff.

Begin with our Artist Spotlight, featuring five different artists whose work regularly finds its way to Oak Cliff. Flip around and see paintings, sculpture and photography as good as in any gallery you’ve visited. We also introduce you to some amazing teen muralists, as well as some CliffDwelling musicians.

And don’t miss our take on the upcoming Trinity River referendum. Read on to see if you want to Vote Yes or No.

Finally, this month we’ve extended our usual Cliff Notes section to include several letters from concerned readers about last month’s Virginia Manor article. We received an overwhelming response to Peter Simek’s piece, and are pleased to continue the conversation about redevelopment in North Oak Cliff. Dialogue is good, we believe, so keep talking.

So, here’s to autumn, and here’s to a thriving artist community in our neighborhood. May it live on, even in the face of many other changes to the area. See you round the Cliff.