At some point in my interview with François Chandou, we began discussing the quality of various wines, and he and his wife, Anne, touched on the fact that the best wines come from vineyards where the soil is ideal for its grapes. I have heard that this is why some experts are critical of Texas wines, because our state simply doesn’t have prime weather conditions for grape growing, so I figured I would ask Chandou what he thought of Texas wines.

He was quick to point out that he isn’t well-versed in Texas wines — obviously Bordeaux wines are more Chandou’s cup of tea — but did say that: "Texas is a big state, and they surprisingly produce a very wide variety of wines and quality. Some of them merit the attention."

Inwood Estates
‘ wine is among those, Chandou says. Owner Dan Gatlin’s vineyard is in Yoakum County, and he barrels and bottles his wines here in Dallas. It is sold at retail locations across the city, as well as available in various restaurants. Another tip: The winery is located just across the Trinity from our neighborhood, and the tasting room is open every Saturday and Sunday from 1-6 p.m.