Carolyn Lawrence believes her bedroom walls still hold hidden treasures. The first was uncovered in 2001 during a remodeling project at her Stevens Park home. As the plaster peeled off, it revealed a flash of color underneath. “Of course, I knew what it was because when I moved into the house in 1973, some of the older neighbors told me about it,” Lawrence says. Their stories were about the house’s original owner, artist Harriett Grindstaff, who in 1930 had thrown a 70th birthday party for her teacher, Frank Reaugh, inviting him and his students to paint whatever they wished on her studio walls. These artists included the likes of Jerry Bywaters and Alexandre Hogue — “pretty famous artists from Texas,” as Lawrence quickly discovered. Needless to say, her remodeling plans went out the window, as did the two-inch-thick plaster and layers of paint that covered the giant canvas and its signed works. Because of historical documentation, Lawrence knew that one of Reaugh’s famous pastel longhorns was somewhere on the studio-turned-master bedroom walls, but it didn’t show itself until two years ago. “It’s pretty faded,” she says. “I’ve found the outline of the head, the eyes, the nose, but I haven’t found the horns yet.” She’s still searching. —KERI MITCHELL