Here’s a fun website devoted to helping people both find and support mom and pop shops. invites visitors to enter their zip codes and find coffee shops, bookstores and movie theaters other than Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, and AMC. (And it has a nifty logo reminiscent of Starbucks, but not so close as to get sued.)

A quick search for "coffee" with the 75208 zip code turns up places like the now closed Nodding Dog, and the site clearly needs to be updated, as it includes a couple of spam posts and coffee shops that are by no means close to Oak Cliff — including Cafe Brazil locations in Carrollton and Far North Dallas. But it also names a couple of Deep Ellum coffee shops, like Murray Street (one of my favorites) and Insomnia.

The site is by no means exhaustive — in fact, it depends on business owners and customers to "delocate corporate businesses in your neighborhood" by submitting the info on local restaurants and retailers.