Neighborhood blogger Rob Shearer first mentioned the Winnetka Heights alley fires on Back Talk Oak Cliff Monday morning, but unfortunately, they have continued blazing since then. We saw this story about the fires by WFAA reporter (and Kessler Park resident) Jason Whitely, stating that 12 alley fires have been counted since Monday, and neighbors believe they were intentionally set.

This morning I e-mailed regular Back Talk commenter Meredith Stegall to find out more about what is happening, and she tells me this: "We’ve learned that the culprits are a group of Greiner Middle School kids that seem to think that lighting fires in our alley ways is a good way to relax before and after school. One family had part of their garage burn and another family lost their fence. Members of the neighborhood are banding together and patrolling the alleys as well as our NOCUPP officer."