Too many of us see sparkling wine wine in one of two ways, either the flat, sweet bubbly we drink at weddings, or the high-price, I can’t afford this champagne that rappers and NBA stars drink in their Escalades. There is a third way: Quality, sensibly priced wine that pairs with food (believe it or not) as well as holiday toasting.

The Lindauer ($10-$12, available at Central Market and Sprouts), is just such a wine. It’s from New Zealand, and I haven’t seen it in stores in this area for while. But it has long been one of my favorite cheap bubblies — softer and less acidic, with a bit more fruit, than similarly priced cava, the Spanish sparkling wine. That’s because the Lindauer has a dollop of chenin blanc, a grape often used in sweeter wines. But the Lindauer is bone dry, which makes it well-suited for Christmas dinner and New Year’s parties.

There’s a holiday sparkling wine post on my wine blog, The Wine Curmudgeon. Happy holidays.