A roundup of stuff that wouldn’t necessarily make it on the blog, but is worth noting:

• A building with one of the most interesting histories in Dallas is about to get even more interesting. The old Cabana Hotel, across from Victory on Stemmons, will to be turned into affordable housing by the Central Dallas Community Development Corp., using a grant from Citicorp’s Citi Foundation. (Wait, isn’t Citi asking for a handout of its own?) The Cabana started life as one of Dallas’ finest hotels, owned in part by Doris Day (and there were rumors of Mob involvement, too), with its driveway lined with Greek statuary. The Beatles stayed there when they played Dallas in September 1964. It was the first Hyatt in Dallas, before the Regency at Reunion was built. And lately it’s been the Decker Jail, named after a longtime Dallas sheriff, back when they still wore Stetsons. What lucky family will get to live in the rooms where Ringo once partied and John Lennon brought back a groupie for the night? – Steve Kenney

• More than 350,000 U.S. children are vegetarians, according to information compiled from a federal study. That works out to 1 in 200 people younger than 18, and it may be four to six times higher for older kids. Typically, teen and pre-teen vegetarians are girls, from higher-income families and live on the East or West coasts. Interestingly, one expert says the growth in child vegetarians has more to do with animal cruelty than health, and that kids make the decision based on animal slaughter videos posted to YouTube.

• And, just in time for the inauguration, the new presidential limo – what the BBC describes as a beast of a car. The Secret Service doesn’t release many details about these things, but the souped-up Cadillac is assumed to have bullet proof glass, an armored body, a separate oxygen supply, and a completely sealed interior to protect against a chemical attack.The car does look good in the picture.