Mere months ago, neighbors did not like the city’s plans for what might happen to property in Oak Cliff that abuts the Trinity River. The Oak Cliff Gateway plan was too narrowly focused, they said, and didn’t look at the big picture. One major problem was a widened and extended version of Greenbriar snaking through the plan, which went against neighbors’ ideas of pedestrian-friendly development that would complement the future Trinity River park and amenities.

Now, however, the city seems to be on track with what neighbors want. David Whitley of the Trinity River Corridor Project and Bob Stimson of the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce sat down with us recently to discuss what changed, and what to expect next from the Oak Cliff Gateway. (Firmer plans should be revealed at Tuesday’s committee meeting.)

Listen to or download the podcast here. It lasts roughly 16 minutes and is 14.7 megabytes to download.