Programs coordinator Hortencia Rubalcava says the Ice House Cultural Center will soon be located next door to the Texas Theatre, and after it moves, it will be known as the Oak Cliff Cultural Center (since it will no longer be situated in one of Southland Co.’s former ice houses). Right now the center is in a leased building, but will be moving because its new building is owned by the city.

The center will have a "whole new concept", Rubalcava says, in a newly renovated space. The new building is similar in size, but it is "one big center as opposed to [the current] place, which is divided into three sections," she says. She thinks the new building also will be much more accessible than the current property tucked away at Page and Polk. "It’s a very busy area," Rubalcava says of Jefferson. "It should be a good change for us."

The center’s gallery has a current exhibition worth checking out: "Quilt Mania II: Men of the Cloth". Like every Ice House Cultural Center exhibit, admission is free.