It’s not a surprising endorsement, since chambers of commerce, especially in Dallas, usually support city initiatives, but nonetheless, the Oak Cliff Chamber recently made it official that it "fully supports" Mayor Tom Leppert’s positions on the upcoming May 9 ballot propositions regarding changes to the city’s charter.

One of those amendments on the ballot is, of course, related to the proposed convention center hotel Downtown, which was the inspiration behind our April cover story. The way the ballot is worded is much like the Trinity referendum — a yes vote is a no to the hotel, and a no vote is a yes to the hotel, which will be confusing for voters once again. I have a call into the city secretary and city attorney’s offices for more explanation on why that is.

The Oak Cliff Chamber also is hosting a town hall meeting giving the mayor a platform to "explain why Dallas can’t afford NOT to invest in the convention center hotel Downtown." The town hall meeting will be Tuesday, April 14 at 7 p.m. at Methodist Hospital’s Hitt Auditorium, Bishop and Colorado.