The first step in carving up DISD passed the Texas House today on a voice vote, according to the DMN. Rep. Yvonne Davis added the DISD amendment to a bill dealing with school tesing and accountability; the overall bill still must be approved by the Texas Senate and signed by Gov. Rick Perry to take effect.

If approved, Davis’ amendment would establish a 21-member board to advise Perry about potential administrative improvements, cost savings and better parental access to school administrators if DISD was broken into two or more smaller districts. If enacted, the bill would direct the board to report back to Perry by Sept. 2010.

The ultimate question to be answered by the study is whether making DISD a smaller entity than its current 160,000-student size would be a good idea. What the bill probably wouldn’t address is how such a carving-up process would work, and how much blood would be spilled trying to figure out the lines for the new districts.