What the cyber-ether is saying about the hotel referendum:

Aren Cambre has nine reasons not to vote for the city-owned hotel project.

Mike Davis at Dallas Progress: Vote No, support the hotel, because “we have a Mayor with great ideas for a great city. We need to have his back!”

• Phil Erwin at Dallas Trees has the view from Grand Prairie: “With all of the money being thrown at each other, back and forth, to and fro, it’s beginning to look like those every day feuds you find with those ‘all-American’ families on The Young and the Restless.”

• Sam Merten at the Observer interviews Lake Highlands councilman Jerry Allen: “If we don’t build that hotel, and I hate to say it like this because I’m not a fear guy and try to put fear in people’s heart and all that kind of stuff, but man if we don’t build that thing … you might as well just demolish that convention center.”

• Allen Gwinn of Dallas.org’s parody convention hotel web site. “We’ll make your experience memorable, and provide a variety of official forms for you to file in case we don’t live up to your expectations.”

Empower Texans, the blog for a group called Texans for Fiscal Responsibility: “Dallas’ governmental entities have been hemorrhaging money.”

• And because we can’t do a roundup without something from Steve Blow.