This quiz seems to be a crowd pleaser, according to the discussion it prompted when Advocate blogger Rachel Stone mentioned it on the Lakewood blog. Intrigued, I finally took the quiz — only to find out that it pegged me for a Southlake resident. What?!?

It’s a fun idea, but the answers steer you toward generalized categories — soccer mom, sports lover, rich socialite, nature lover who rides a horse everywhere — instead of hitting on the subtle and even not-so-subtle nuances that characterize the various neighborhoods in Dallas. Thus, you may find yourself winding up in Southlake.

After the jump, here’s what another quiz-taker learned after answering the questions and getting Oak Cliff as a result:

"Dallas’s Brooklyn packed with tude. Famous residents include Lee Harvey Oswald, Erykah Badu, Dennis Rodman and Terry Southern. You’re a little rap, a little Tejano and a little gay. In the overwhelmingly sterile boulevards of Big D, you can’t do much better. So what if you’re a little bit rough and tumble? You take it personal, keep it real and have booty bass tinnitus."