I promised long ago that I would sample (and review) one of Eno’s salads. I’m finally getting around to it, and just in time — spring is edging toward us, and the balmier months are the perfect time to eat salad.

We focused on the pizza in our original article on Eno’s, but the salads are just as tasty and hearty. Pictured is the General Store salad, with all kinds of veggies plus fennel, peppered pork belly, blue cheese and warm viniagrette. (Each salad is served with warm roasted bread, which you can see in the background.)

The General Store is on my list to try, but when I recently dined at Eno’s, a friend and I split the Streetside salad, which is topped with sweet peppers, olives, bell peppers, shallots, tomatoes, feta and cucumber dill dressing. Yum. We also ordered a Moma’s pie, and took about half of the pizza home.