Most vehicles Tony Diaz sells at Blitz drive for 12,000 miles (almost a year’s worth of driving) for under $1,000.

It’s one of the many benefits of driving electric powered vehicles, he says. With fewer moving parts like pistons and gaskets, electric vehicles are not only cheap to refuel, but maintenance is surprisingly minimal. Also, with few moving parts and no combustible engine, 100 percent of a vehicle’s torque is instantly available (most electric vehicles top out around 50 mph, but hey, at least you’re getting there fast).

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Diaz, who co-owns the business with Josh Wagner, says typical customers are "people who are looking for affordable, reliable, yet Earth-friendly neighborhood transportation." The six-week-old business is right at home in Deep Ellum, which is striving to be the greenest neighborhood in Dallas. More than just a place to buy electric mopeds and scooters, Blitz also offers advice and some repair service to owners of other electric vehicles, and is a battery recycling center.

The two-man business started out as a website last October. Opening a storefront seemed to be the right move, so potential buyers could see the vehicles for themselves. They weren’t scared off by the bad economy. "There’s no time like the present for a business like ours," he said.

Blitz will have an information and demonstration table set up at the Oak Cliff Earth Day celebration this Sunday, April 19.