Julia Hinrichs wants you to know that whenever your fourth-grader decides to trade in the family guinea pig for a new puppy, you can come to her.

Hinrich’s organization, Texas Rustler’s Guinea Pig Rescue, will have an education and information booth at Oak Cliff Earth Day on April 19. The group provides foster homes and adoptions for neglected or unwanted guinea pigs and other small mammals. Often they take in more than just guinea pigs: hedgehogs, gerbils, mice, and the occasional small bird are rescued, too. “Anything that’s not a cat or a dog, we tend to take in,” she says.

With 15 foster homes in the DFW area and 150 adoptions available at any time, Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue is the largest organization of its kind in Texas. Hinrichs says she started the service in 2002 after working with a larger pet rescue service and becoming the foster parent of three guineas.

The group won’t be taking animals or facilitating adoptions at the outdoor festival, but will provide information on how to take care of guineas and other small mammals.