Anyone who has dined at Tillman’s on a Friday or Saturday night may have witnessed Tito, the tabletop dancing waiter. I first heard about Tito from executive chef Dan Landsberg when we featured the restaurant in our magazine last November.

"He’s one of our beloved servers that has been here for years — almost one of Sara [Tillman]’s children, really — a very gracious, hospitable person, and also happens to be a fantastic dancer." I’ve never seen it for myself, but apparently, sometime between 9-11 p.m., Tito climbs atop a table in the restaurant and puts on a carefully self-choreographed show to a pre-selected playlist: "It starts off with Janet Jackson "All for You", then "Cowboy" by Kid Rock, "Shake Your Bon Bon" Ricky Martin, "Hollaback from Gwen Stefani …" Landsberg says. "He practices, and every so often he’s got a new move."

I was delighted to recently find a YouTube video of Tito’s moves, complete with hilarious quote bubbles from the creator, miuzername (Consider yourself warned that the other videos by this creator might offend you.). Find the Tito tabletop dancing video after the jump: