CBS 11 followed Oak Cliff residents Andrea Roberts and Heather Lytle today, as they biked around our neighborhood to various businesses offering discounts to people who arrive by bicycle. The full list of businesses is on the Bike Friendly Oak Cliff site, but cyclists can also easily identify the businesses (which are concentrated in the Bishop Arts District and along Davis) by the round orange Bike Friendly Oak Cliff logo displayed in the window.

And how will the merchants know that customers did, indeed, ride their bikes to the shops and restaurants? This isn’t addressed in the CBS 11 story, but Jason Roberts has this to say in the BFOC post:

"We would like to ask that you try and park your bike within viewing shot of the merchant so that they can tell that you did indeed ride your bike in. We are running this program on the honor system because we know our community is awesome enough to not take advantage of the wonderful generosity of these businesses. With that being said, if we do happen to get a bad apple or two, they will likely pull out, so let’s all do our best to stay true to the goal!"