The Oak Cliff neighborhood favorite is among the 14 restaurants vying for best breakfast joint in a contest sponsored by WFAA TV, called appropriately enough, the WFAAList. Think we should consult our legal team, given our A-List?

The link to vote is here (registration is required). It’s apparently part of an effort by the station to add what’s called hyperlocal content to its web site. Hyperlocal is the new, trendy industry term for neighborhood news. It’s getting all sorts of cyber-ink these days as the Mainstream Media tries just about anything to reverse its revenue slide. That some of us have been doing this for almost 20 years always comes as a huge shock to them. As such, there are 119 categories in the contest, ranging from art gallery to motorcycle shop to wedding dresses.

But don’t tell anyone — the contest and the listings associated with it are run by a company called CityVoter, in Cambridge, Mass.