Restauarant review: Jack’s Backyard sliders and fries

The restaurant‘s plate of six sliders is great to share as an appetizer, or enough to act as an entree. The trio includes two mini cheeseburgers, two with sliced brisket (executive chef Susie Buck‘s specialty), and two with grilled peppers and onions (so good, we promise you won’t miss the meat). If you want, however, you can order half burgers and half brisket (Buck’s recipe is a dry rub with three spices, slow-cooked for a minimum of five hours), or all grilled veggies, or any other combination.

Fries don’t come with this $7.75 appetizer, but we recommend ordering a side of them — Jack’s Backyard has a potato-wedge version that, amazingly, remain piping hot throughout your meal.

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